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Track Title: Lil Baby "Freestyle" Official Music Video
Singer: Lil Baby Official 4PF
Album Name: -
Musical Genre: -
Release Year: -
Length of Track: 00:02:56
Quality of Sound: 320kbps

Lyrics / Lirik

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Lyrics for "Freestyle" 
Da Vinci (Da Vinci, Da Vinci)
Shoutout the whole Oakland City, man
You know what I'm sayin'? The whole 4PF
You know what I'm sayin'? I put this up

Shoutout my label, that's me
I'm in this bitch with TB
I'm in this bitch with 4 Trey
I just poured up me a eight
Real nigga all in my face
Five hunnid racks in my safe
Five hunnid racks to the plug
What you know 'bout showin' love?
What you know 'bout pullin' up, in Bentley trucks?
Make these bitches fall in love
All of my niggas on go
None of my niggas no ho
All of my niggas want smoke
All of my niggas together
We came from the bottom
We used to wear each other clothes
None of my niggas gon' fold
Couple pussy niggas told
They ain't my niggas no mo'
Hold it down for the 4
In the 9 with the woes
Marlo my dawg that's fo' sho'
We won't fall out about shit
Specially not 'bout no bitch
We ain't gon' fall out 'bout hoes
Me and Ced get them loads
We let 'em go for the low
I got my hood in control
I got my left wrist on froze
I got my right wrist on froze
I got my necklace on froze
Both of my ears on froze
I been gettin' faded, I'm sippin' on maple
If she won't fuck, I won't make her
I don't like bitches with makeup
If she want titties I pay for 'em
Get outta there when I wake up
I pass the ball I don't layup
I'm a big boss, I got say so
They'll wipe you down if I say so
Dracos, on Dracos, on Dracos, on Dracos
.40s, on .40s, on .40s
I just bought me some new water
Wetter than Katrina, shoutout New Orleans
I made a promise my niggas gon' ball
Hard in the paint, change my name to John Wall
Geekin' off trees like a leaf in the fall
Find a new plug then we takin' 'em all
Pull up in a brand new Benz Truck
Hop out fresher than a menthol
Lil' nigga, but I'm big dawg
All I gotta make is one call
Hit a nigga block, took off
Cross a nigga up, Hot Sauce
Ooh, I got 'em mad, my fault
Talking bout the shit that I bought
Poppin' these Percs, I done turned to a savage
Hunnid racks stuffed in the mattress
Hunnid racks stuffed in the attic
Hunnid racks stuffed in the sofa
These niggas play gangsta, but they won't approach me
I know they'll never approach me
They know that they'll catch a bullet
I rock the game to the fullest
I run with some real ones, I don't hang with no pussies
I ain't no killer don't push me
I see how you niggas be lookin'
I hope you don't think you no bully
I'm livin' the life, I should star in a movie
Ridin' in a 'Vert with a uzi
12 get behind me I lose 'em
They tryna guess what I'm doin'
They tryna guess who I'm screwin'
That ain't even they business
They ain't wanna fuck with me
Now they see a nigga drippin'
Now they wanna fuck with me
They can't get in touch with me
Hardly ever in the city
They just know I'm gettin' bigger
They just know a nigga busy
I been runnin' up them digits, yeah
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